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Documents Needed to Sell Mobile Home Fast

There are different requirements and regulations on the sale of mobile homes in different states. Again, the regulations for when the owner sells their own home are different for when dealers sell the homes for them.

The buyer and the seller need to consult the local authorities to ensure they comply with all the regulations and requirements.

In order to sell your mobile home quickly and make sure the process is as smooth as possible; you must make sure that everything is in order. Below are documents needed to get the sale complete.

Documents Needed to Sell Mobile Home Fast

Sales Contract

This is a written document describing the appearance of the home and the price that the buyer should shoulder.

This contract allows provision for the buyer to refer grievances to the seller in case they have any. Any grievances that are not solved should be referred to the state authorities to be handled.

This contract stipulates that the buyer should have a copy of the contracts and copies of any warranty that covers the home.

If, for instance, I want people to buy my mobile home fast, I will have copies of the contract and any other needed documents readily when needed.

The warranty papers are especially important to buyers as they need to ensure they are covered when they buy the home.

Bill of Sale and Title

Mobile home bill sale is a requirement when selling a mobile home in some states. The bill of sale is a simple document that outlines the buyer’s and the seller’s responsibilities.

For instance, the buyer’s right to have the title deed of the mobile home transferred to his/her name or the seller’s right to be given the name of the buyer’s mortgage lender are included in the bill of sale.

This document can also be used by the seller to show that they are the legal owner of the home to be sold. Besides, a title is needed to prove ownership especially if the home and the land on which it sits are owned by the same person.

The title certificate shows the owner of the home as well as the status of the home, such as the presence of liens. After the sale, the name on the title certificate is changed.


Licensing is usually required from dealers or salesmen, who in most cases advertise these homes. According to state laws, dealers are required to have a license to operate, to engage in any transactions, to advertise a home, and to show homes to buyers. If a dealer is to engage in any legal transaction on behalf of the seller, they will need to have a license.

If your dealer will handle sales tax and payment of property, it is up to you to ensure they have the necessary licensing.

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Sell Mobile Home Fast Today

To sell off your mobile home for cash quickly and smoothly, it helps to have everything readily available. This is why the above documents are very important when selling a mobile home for cash.

They ensure that the sale process meets the legal requirements and provides adequate protection for each party. Besides that, you need to ensure your home is well advertised. who buys mobile homes, you ask? Follow us now and get legitimate home buyers today!