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The best cash buyer for mobile homes in New Braunfels

Todd Buys Mobile Homes is a company that buys used mobile homes in New Braunfels and surrounding areas. We offer fast cash for manufactured homes in any condition. It doesn’t matter if you have a mortgage or other lien, are behind on payments or even taxes, Todd can help. In fact he actually kind of enjoys finding creative ways to make a win-win scenario for everyone involved. If talking to other investors and mobile home dealers has left you with a bad taste in your mouth give Todd a shot and see the difference. He will do all the leg work for you and explain the documents required to sell your trailer or manufactured home, even if it is a junky mobile home no one else will buy.


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We can provide:

  • Documents & Filing
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  • Remodeling
  • Buying and Selling Solutions
  • Financing


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Are you a mobile home owner that wants to Sell?


This page concerns mobile homes inside private parks [on rented land].

If you in fact are wanting to sell your mobile home inside a park then you have come to the right place. Please read below to gain a better understanding of the steps needed to complete a fast sale on your own and keep all the profits.


Follow the steps below.

Comment any questions below on this page.

If you would like us to make a fast and fair purchase offer on your property please click this sentence.


1. Understand the current used mobile home selling market.

The goal of this page is to give you the real-world tools and info you will need to sell your home fast! With that said I would love to tell you that mobile home buyers will be lining up to pay you all-cash for your used mobile home. In reality this will not likely be the case unless the mobile home you are offering for sale is 1.) more attractive than any other in the park and 2.) less expensive than any other mobile home for sale in the park.

Used mobile home buyers will likely take 2 forms: cash buyers and payment buyers.

A cash buyer that is interested in a used mobile home for sale will be the minority of buyers you speak with. A buyer that has $15,000-$50,000+ for a used mobile home will be downsizing, using tax refund money, cashing out their 401k, or using some other form of savings to purchase a mobile home. Anyone spending all-cash has their pick of any mobile home as buyers with cash are KING.

Cash example: Sale price is $20,000. Buyer pays you $20,000 cash and you give them 100% ownership via transfer of Title(s).

A payment buyer is any buyer that has a “Down Payment” and monthly income to pay you over-time for the sales price of your mobile home. When you sell to a payment buyer you will want to make certain you collect a large enough down payment to help ensure the buyers do not default on you and leave your home. Plus a buyer with cash to put “down” shows much higher quality, interest, and responsibility than a buyer with zero dollars in savings.

Payment example: Sales price is $20,000. Buyer pays you $5,000 down and makes you 36 monthly payments of $416.67. The day the buyer gives you the $5,000 you will sell the home to the buyer – however you will add yourself as Lien holder to the Title(s). When selling a mobile home for payments you can charge a premium for the home. Consider selling this home for $25,000 in this example.

We can provide all paperwork for owner financing and broker the deal for you. Contact Mark on 512 400 9975 if this is the best option for you.


2. Understand you have options when it comes to how you sell your property.

If you have been  trying to sell your mobile home with less than stellar results you may have trouble believing that your mobile home is valuable. In most cases you still have options to sell your home fast and make a substantial profit.

Now that you understand that cash-buyers are few and far between – I have to ask you how fast do you need to sell your mobile home?

I need to sell in less than 90 days! If this is the case then you are most likely being evicted by a mobile home park for non-payment, you will be leaving the state/country very soon, or you have already moved and cannot afford 2 homes. If this fits your description then time-is-of-the-essence and you need to sell fast or you risk losing the home and giving it away to the park for free.

Your options are as follows:

If the property is clean and in fairly good working order you may be able to sell this home for cash to 1.) the current mobile home park the mobile resides in 2.) a different mobile home park that will pay cash for this home 3.) a local mobile home repo dealer or 4.) a buyer that has all cash and is looking for a great deal. You may also be able to sell the home to a payment buyer for cash down and monthly payments for your equity.

If the property is not clean and needs repairs then you are looking for a buyer that is willing to make repairs and spend repair-related-costs after they buy. This buyer will be coming out of pocket for repairs so you had better advertise the home for a low-cash-price or you can offer to accept monthly-payments with minimal cash-down due to the repairs needed. Accepting monthly payments will allow you to resell the home quickly and make a profit over time.

I need to sell between 90 days to 6 months. Consider yourself fortunate that you have the time and resources to market your home for a cash seller and wait. Seeing that you have time to wait to sell you can advertise for sale all-cash and even list your home in the MLS for 60 days with a Realtor. If the home is not sold in 60 days for a fair price then consider the option of lowering the price again or selling the home for payments. If you sell your home for payments you will be able to charge a higher sales price opposed to selling for all-cash.

Additional remarks:

I own my mobile home free and clear: This is preferred. If you own your mobile home free and clear this means there is no Lien or mortgage on the home.

I have a mortgage on my home: This will cause a problem. You will have to pay off the Lien before you can sell the home for payments and add yourself as lien holder. Or yo can do a lease to own contract. Call Mark on 512 400 9975 if you would like help to make this happen.



3. Advertise to find buyers.

Now that you understand what types of buyers are in the market, it is time to decide how you would like to sell and start advertising for buyers.

FSBO Sign: Make sure you always have a “For Sale By Owner” sign in your front window. A valid number should be on the sign.

Online: Use sites like,,, and to advertise your mobile home for sale. These are free sites that buyers look at. If selling for all-cash then make sure to advertise in the “For Sale” sections of the websites. If you are trying to sell the home for payments then make sure to advertise in the “For Rent” sections of the websites.

Newspapers: Advertise in the local community newspapers. If selling for all-cash then make sure to advertise in the “For Sale” sections of the newspapers. If you are trying to sell the home for payments then make sure to advertise in the “For Rent” sections of the newspapers.

Yard Signs: You can buy these 12″x24″white or yellow plastic (disposable) yard signs at your local home-improvement store. Use a 1 inch, chisel tip, permanent black sharpie.

Sign example 1: Selling for all-cash.

3/2 mobile home

for sale.

$10,000 cash.

Must sell.


Sign example 2: Selling for payments.

Owner Finance

3/2 mobile home.




4. Do not be Bullied. Know what your home is worth?

It is important to not be bullied when you are trying to sell a mobile home for a fair price. On the other hand it is import to not OVER demand what your home is worth. You are seeking a fair – Win/Win offer that allows both parties to get what they want.

If you are willing to hold payments then understand this is very valuable to a honest, hard-working payment buyer. You are allowing this buyer to own a home without qualifying at a bank – you are the bank.

When you are selling for payments you have most of the control – be fair and make sure to prescreen every buyer that says they want the home. Your mobile home park will also likely prescreen this buyer but it is important for you to verify this seller’s background personally. Use inexpensive tenant-screening online websites to check for criminal history, negative credit history, eviction history, and sexual predator status of each adult applicant. Ideally you will find “0 results” to all the searches above. It is my advice to not sell to anyone that has had an eviction, ever.

When you are selling for all-cash you are in less control – be sure to know the minimum amount you will accept for a fast cash-sale and what you will not accept. If a buyer really wants your home but only has “X” dollars in their saving, you can offer they pay you monthly for the balance.

When you will only sell for cash and no other way you are not in the driver’s seat and you should take the first “fair” cash offer that comes along.


5. Verify buyer has funds.

If you are selling a mobile home in a park for all cash then you will want to verify the seller has all his/her funds available to close. This also makes certain the buyer is serious and not wasting your time.


6. Follow up with your buyer.

Within 48 hours of you and the buyer(s) verbally-agreeing to a purchase price your buyer(s) should be getting approved at the park. Most likely all non-minors living in the home will need to be approved. If this is not done within 48 hours your buyer may be stalling.

Whether or not the buyer plans to move-in now or in 90 days they will need to be approved at the park before you will stop advertising and showing the home. Again, keep advertising the home and talking to prospective buyers until the day the park manager lets you know your buyer(s) have been approved.


7. Prepare closing documents.

You will need…

Seller’s Information Sheet: Only if accepting monthly payments. This is a general information sheet regarding the seller’s information. You will want to collect everything from names, date of births, social security numbers, job history, current job info, past 2 years W-2’s, bank account info, etc. This form is similar to the information needed to perform your background check. You keep original and your buyer does not receive a copy.

Bill of Sale: A Bill of Sale is the mobile home (in a park) version of a HUD-1 closing statement.  A Bill of Sale describes the terms of the sale? How much was paid today? If there will be any liens for the purchaser? If the home is warranted? Which fixtures or appliances are included in purchase of the home? The Bill of Sale also includes the mobile home year, vehicle registration number, serial numbers, address, dimensions, make and model of home. You keep an original and your buyer keeps an original.

Promissory Note: Only if accepting monthly payments. This form is optional and is to specify in detail the payment instructions, seller financed amount, and payback terms.  When selling a mobile home with payments it is vitally important to follow SAFE act and other TIL (Truth in Lending) practices or use a licensed Loan Originator in your state. You keep an original and your buyer keeps a copy.

Agreement After Closing: Only use if you will be remaining in the property for a short while after the buyer purchases the home. This is used in rare examples if you need to stay in the home for 30-90 days after the purchaser pays for the home. This “Agreement After Closing” states that 1.) you will be remaining in the home after purchase 2.) that you have “X” number of days to leave 3.) when you leave you will leave the home clean and in broom-swept condition and 4.) that the buyer will pay you the remaining balance when you leave and they take the keys. You keep a copy and your buyer keeps the original.

Example of Agreement After Closing: The buyer does not need to move in for 90 days so you agree to live in the home and pay lot rent for those 90 days [this is a win-win deal]. The agreement states that the buyer will pay you [at the closing] 90% of the money they owe you and you will give them a signed Title(s). In 90 days or less you must be out of the home. At this point you and the buyer will meet again and they will hand you the remaining 10% of the money they owe you and you will hand them all the keys to the property.


8. Appointment to close

This is the time you will be signing all the paperwork and giving the SO to the buyers. If they are making you payments make sure to go with them to the TDHCA to ensure the buyer(s) add your name as “Lien holder” to the new SO. This is done at the time you are talking to the clerk and they are about to Print a new SO with the new Owner’s names… this is when your name and address will be added as “Lien holder” to the new SO. In addition to being named as “Lien holder” you will also need to give the TDHCA your address to mail you the original SO. You will hold onto the original SO until you are paid every dime in full. Be aware it may be wise to have a Notary available at the closing location or you can drive to a local bank for their free Notary services.

Hazard Insurance: If you will be accepting monthly payments it is important make sure the buyers have insurance on the mobile home in case of fire or other damages. Your new buyers will want to pay for a Homes Owner’s policy and add you as “Additionally Insured” to the policy. A mobile home hazard insurance policy will likely run less than $70 per month. Make sure you are insured for every dime you are owed.