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Sell Mobile Home Fast for Cash

Selling a mobile home is more challenging than selling a traditional home thanks to the length of the process.

If the land on which your mobile home stands is yours, selling it is easies seeing that it is considered a real property. If the land on which the home stands is not yours, you will need to sell mobile home fast on a lot lease.

The park owner can influence how much you sell your home, and as such, you need to consider them when you are selling. Learn more below about how to sell your home.

Sell Mobile Home Fast for Cash

The Park Owner and Pricing Your Home

Selling a mobile home needs you to follow all the stipulations of living in a community of mobile homes. The buyer of the mobile home must be in a position to meet all the rules and the regulations of the park, and it is your duty as the seller to ensure that.

The park owner can match the price of the first prospective buyer to buy the home.

The first refusal, where the park owner matches the price of the mobile home, has some limitations. If you are giving your home to a family member, the park owner will not interfere at all.

If you do not want to keep waiting for weeks for a prospective buyer, you need to ensure that you price the mobile home right.

In most cases, mobile real estate owners – those with land – price their mobile homes high seeing that land appreciates with time.

What Documents Do You Need to Sell Mobile Home Fast?

If your house is priced right, you will find a willing buyer more easily, but you need to follow a legal process. You will need:

  • Seller’s Mobile Home Act
  • Community/park rules
  • Park charges written document including water, electricity, and garbage among others
  • Mobile home warranty, if present
  • Structural survey of the mobile home carried within a year
  • An explanation needs to be provided for any of the missing documents.

After you have gathered those documents, you will need to sign a Schedule 2 form of the proposed sale to be handed to park owner.

The park owner is given a period to oppose the sale – this normally happens if the buyer does not meet the park requirements. If the owner fails to object, the sale goes on, and you need to sign a Schedule 4 form.

Listing Your Home

The best way to sell your home is to get a renowned real estate agent to list your home for you. The agent will know the best options to list your home and get a willing buyer.

You can also sell the home on your own, but you might have to do a horde of legwork.

To sell on your own, you need to do advertisement, get a sit-down with the park owner and even negotiate the price with buyers. Plus, your advertising options will be limited.

What Do You Need to Sell a Mobile Home Fast

Sell Your Home Now?

If you need to sell mobile home fast, set a good price and get a good real estate. You need to ensure that you are in good terms with your park owner and the buyer meets all the park regulations.

You can make it easy for yourself by letting an agent do the selling instead of selling the house on your own.