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Selling Your Mobile Home for Cash

There are different avenues available when you need to sell your mobile home for cash. The timeframe you set for yourself will determine when, how, and at what price you sell your mobile home.

In most cases, you will be selling your mobile home with no land attached.

If you are lost on how to sell your mobile home, with or without land, finding an experienced real estate agent will shed some light for you. Read on for more on how you can sell your mobile home.

Selling Your Mobile Home for Cash

Selling Home For Instant Cash

This is one of the most popular ways to sell a mobile home. You get a buyer by advertising your home or seeking the services of an agent and sell.

Here, you will need to verify that the buyer has the necessary funds to buy your mobile home. Get a deposit immediately you reach an agreement.

In some cases, the buyer has to be approved by the mobile home’s community to live with them. If this applies, the contract of sale should be structured in such a way that the buyer can get their deposit back in case they fail to pass the application process.

If the buyer plans on living in a different community, the park manager should be notified of the arrangements.

Many parks also require that they get a notice between 30 and 60 days before a home is moved out. Always work with the park manager.

Sell on Payments

If you do not need cash upfront for your mobile home, you can sell it on payments. Here, give out the home and then expect payment in installments over an agreed period of time.

You need to state all the terms of payment to the buyer when you are making the sales contract.

On the contract, ensure the payment amount, the interest and the payment period are well spelled out. If you are selling the home in a community, be sure to stipulate that the home should stay in its current spot until it is fully paid for.

When a home is moved around, and it has not yet been fully paid for, this creates a disaster.

Sell Home to the Community

If you want to move from the community right away, you can consider selling your home to the community.

This is a great option since most communities do not like homes being moved away and you get to sell to the park, a partner you are used to working with.

While you may get a low offer from the park, you can sell your mobile home for cash fast and without a hustle.

In most cases, the community takes care of the paperwork including transfers and everything else if you are in a hurry.

The Different Ways of Selling a Mobile Home for Cash

Other Options

Investors and home dealerships are other viable options for selling your mobile home for cash. It is up to you to choose an option that matches with your needs to sell the home and your patience to wait for cash. If you need to sell at a higher price, go for the first option.

Don’t forget to include ways of protecting yourself against untrustworthy buyers. If you’re wondering who buys used mobile homes, then follow us today and get daily real estate tips and strategies!