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Double or Single Wide Mobile Homes? We Buy Them, Quick

In need of cash quick for your double or single wide mobile home?

Then your search has ended. No matter whether there is land involved, the condition of double or single wide mobile home, the price range or the location, we always have someone standing by to come to the rescue, especially for folks that are looking for quick cash on an as-is buy basis.

But what are the price ranges of new and used double or single wide mobile homes in your area?

Most people probably have no idea on what their mobile homes may be worth or know that the variables like location, whether you own the lot (land), and the condition can significantly affect the price ranges.

That’s why we have the experts standing by to help.

Double or Single Wide Mobile Homes

What’s the Difference Between Single and Double Wide Mobile Homes?

The most obvious and primary difference between single and double wide mobile homes is the size.

Single wide mobile homes can range from around 600 square feet to as much as 1,300 square feet and be as wide as 18 feet or less and as long as 90 feet. The average? Fifteen feet wide and 72 feet long weighing in at 1,080 square feet.

Double wide mobile homes are naturally larger and can range from just over 1,000 square feet to 2,300 square feet with the length at 90 feet or less, the width of 20 feet and the average length of 56 feet. The average double wide square footage is around 1,456 feet.

Other differences have to do with double wides needing to be transported (or shipped) to two separate units.

What Are the Single and Double Wide Mobile Home Prices?

Not including the land and other associated costs and fees, the average national price for a new single wide mobile home is around $37,000 and for a double wide mobile home around $73,000. These averages are nationwide, so depending on where you live can significantly affect those numbers and that goes for any other numbers mentioned here.

As for used or buy “as-is” prices, there are too many variables for an actual dollar figure here.

But the cool thing is you’re on the right page to find out as a simple phone call can get you a fast answer today, so you’re on the right track.

We have the experts who are highly skilled at valuation and assessment, and we are also always prepared to make you a quick cash offer for your used mobile home, regardless of where it’s located and the condition it’s in.

Double Wide or Single Wide Mobile Homes

Single Wide Mobile Homes for Sale near Me? Let Us Assist You

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We’re confidant your search will lead you to us anyway, so why not just give us a call and we’ll get you the cash you need today.