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Who Buys Manufactured Homes For Cash? A Guide For Those With Moving In Mind

There’s nothing more exciting than moving into a new home. From the nostalgia that stirs up when you pack to the breath of fresh air that is spending your first night in a new home, moving is thrilling and can lead to bigger and better things for your life.

Especially if you’re moving into a better house than you lived in before, it can be great to experience all the amazing and new features of a brand new home having fun through the upgrade and starting a new chapter on what will be one of the greatest changes of your life.

However, there’s nothing WORSE than the housing market. The time between listing your home and selling it may not seem like long, but with today’s market some people may not see a dime of their offers until months after they list their house.

This can be troublesome because until you get the money from the house you sold, chances are you can’t afford to move.

Paying two mortgages and trying to find the money for the down payment on your new home is near impossible without selling your old home, and chance are you might even need to sink some of your hard earned money into repairs just to find someone who is willing to buy your home.

This can take months, if not a year, and thousands of dollars sunk into a home you might not even get a lot back from. So what if I told you there was another way?

Who Buys Manufactured Homes For Cash A Guide For Those With Moving In Mind

Who Buys Manufactured Homes For Cash? I Do!

We at Todd Buys Mobile Homes are ready to offer you a solution to your house selling woes! We are a team of dedicated home buying professionals who want to help you cut out the middleman and give you the money you need to move without the hassle of waiting for your house to sell months among the line!

No more paying a realtor, offering open houses, paying for costly repairs, for we will buy your mobile or manufactured home as is within a couple weeks, giving you the cash in hand and peace of mind you need to make the investment towards a better future for you and your family. No need to even worry about repairs as we buy your home as is, and can do the repairs ourselves!

Who Buys Manufactured Homes For CashSo if you are in the market for a new home and need a way for your old one to be out of your hands quick, be sure to call or click today and we can schedule a meeting to inspect your home and see what we can do.

We will buy homes in any condition, so be sure to let us help you be free from the shackles of the housing market and free to move on to a bigger and better home for you and your family to live in happily. Don’t wait, call or click today for more information!

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